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Pressing Into Victory

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Mission News

Ronald Gray is the Director of Mission Growth for IOM. He has traveled extensively in over 42 countries. Many churches across the world have been helped through his involvement. He desires for others to enter into the great revival that is sweeping the nations. Short term trips are a primary way to gain a vision for the world.International Outreach Ministries exists to serve churches and missionaries who are serving the Lord of the Harvest among the nations. The goal is to help those whom the Lord has called to get to the field of their calling and facilitate their needs. The desire of our team is to work with local churches and fulfill the Great Commission. We are involved with four principle areas of ministry.

  1. Poverty. Helping local individuals develop skills and find jobs.
  2. Human Slavery. This is a horrible sin that is rampant in the world. We partner with people who are rescuing children and women from being sold into slavery.
  3. Religious Extremism: Our goal is to educate people on what other religions really believes and reach people through open conversation.
  4. Leadership Training. We teach leaders around the world important principles that help them reach their purpose.

Please Join Us!

Hundreds of people have gone with us. Pastors have said it was the best mission trip they have have ever been on. Pray about giving some of your time to the Kingdom of God this next year.

Mission Opportunities!

Every year I have the privilege of leading people to various countries around the world. We share in all types of settings. We need business people, educators, doctors, nurses, building contractors and all types of helpers. We minister to children, young people, wealthy and poor. We have a place for you.

Here are some upcoming opportunities:

  • Costa Rica: We are helping Enrique and Charlyn Mejia build their home for Children over the next year.
  • Mexico: Starting a pastors training school in Chiapas, partnering with Mexico Outreach.
  • Cambodia: We partner with several mission agencies to help stop women and children sex trafficking. There are always needs in finances and support for the missionaries who serve there. Please contact me if you are interested.
  • Guatemala: We need a church to help us complete a youth center. The cost of materials is $3500.
  • Kingdom Business Seminars: In various countries. Continue developing Opportunity, Inc. More information at

Mission Needs

  • Vietnam and Laos: Our trip to Vietnam to teach pastors was very successful. We were able to speak to over 500 pastors who influence over 200,000 people in that country. Because of your support, we were able to sponsor over 30 pastors from North Vietnam to come to the conference this year.
  • Kenya and Uganda: We lead a team in February, 2014 to help build a girls dorm for Challenge Farm. I will also speak for KMTI graduates.

Mission Victories

  • The dining hall at Challenge Farm in Kitale, Kenya was completed in two weeks.
  • Please help us in these areas as God leads you. You can make a donation online.

Custom Trips

There are many opportunities for ministry in countries not listed here. I work in many fields of ministry. I keep in contact with mission endeavors through contact with missionaries. I can help you plan a trip based on your own missions strategy, budget, and missionary’s needs. Your trip and ministry schedule and all costs will be coordinated for you. You will know the cost far enough in advance for you to raise the needed funds.