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Pressing Into Victory

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January Update 2011

Dear Friends,

A new year of possibilities is here. We stand at the door of lives changed, miracles, healing and blessings. I encourage you to find a way to reach out. Write a missionary, visit your neighbor, call an old friend, do a random act of kindness. You never know how God will use any of these things to help you make a new step in the right direction. I am always excited about new creative ways that God will expand His Kingdom. 

I wrote last month about several needs and did not receive any replies. I know it was a busy time. Here they are again for your consideration.
Chris Dufrene is the youth pastor at Grace Temple in Hattiesburg, MS. His home burned down and he is in need of some help. If you would like to make a donation to Ronald Gray Ministries, I will send everything that comes in to him.

We still need a projector for the church in Costa Rica to use for power point presentations.

We need a cell phone with a removable SIM card to use for all of our trips for the Hidden Treasures Project. I am going on my annual prayer a fasting retreat January 19-22. If you have any requests for prayer, please send them to me via email.

I plan this year to give myself more to helping our missionaries with encouragement and care. I plan to travel with Mike McCarty in June to China and Cambodia. I am taking several trips to Costa Rica to work on the Hidden Treasures project. I also intend this year to go to Mexico, Kenya, Uganda, and Guatemala. Please pray for these trips.

My upcoming schedule:
January 7: Faith Covenant Church, Daphne. AL. Pastor Charles Simpson will be speaking to men and I will lead worship.
January 9: Faith Covenant Churhc, Daphne, AL. Pastor Charles Simpson will be speaking and I will lead worship.
January 23: Grace Temple, Hattiesburg, MS
January28-30: Oberlin Fellowship, Oberlin, LA
February 4-6: Christ Covenant Church, Houston, TX
February 7-10: Opportunity, Inc meetings in Dallas, TX
February 13: Covenant Church, Mobile, AL
February 18: Opportunity, Inc. Seminar, Charleston, SC
February 20: First Assembly of God, Charleston, SC
February 25-28: Marriage and Family Conference, Servant Hearts and Hands Outreach Ministry, Front Royal, VA
March 6: Destiny Outreach Ministries, N. Tazewell, VA
March 12-19: Construction Team from Grace Temple, Hattiesburg, MS to Costa Rica Hidden Treasures Project.

Thank you for your prayers and financial support. Without you we could not go.

Reaching Nations, Changing Lives,